Young Dogs Day, September 6 2020 (JHD)

This year’s Young Dogs Day of Association ‘de Nederlandse Schapendoes’ will take place at KC Pampus, Weteringweg 2, 1358 AK Almere. Start 10.00 am. Registration for the litter assessment is opened! For owners of a young Schapendoes, the Young Dogs Day is the moment of the year to come together with all litter mates and if possible both parents, to participate in a litter assessment. For our FAC, and of course for our breeders, this is the moment to evaluate the results of the approvals of the breedingpairs. JHD1 During the Young Dogs Day all dogs born between 30-11-2018 and 29-11-2019, can be assessed. You don’t have to be a member of the Vereniging to participate, but the litter of your dog must be in compliance with the breeding rules of Vereniging “de Nederlandse Schapendoes”. If your Schapendoes is younger than 5 months, you receive the judges’ report free of charge. The judges on this day are: Mevr. Roel van Veen-Keur and Mevr. Marjolein Flobbe (Mevr. van Veen-Keur will judge the breeding inventarisations). Approximately, a week before the JHD you will receive the invitation by email, stating at which time the litter of your dog should be present. We ask you to have your dog photographed on the JHD. The pictures will be used in the Nederlandse Schapendoes studbook. For an inventarisation it is also required to have the height of your dog measured during this day. And last, we ask you to weigh your dog at home and inform the judge of this. Breeders are asked to register all dogs of one litter at the same time. Breeders and stud dog owners do not receive an invitation for the parent dogs, these do not have to be registered separately. Details of the parent dogs are required for registration of the young dogs. Obviously the parents are very welcome in the ring, with their offspring.  The VNS shop will be present at the JHD. You can buy many different items relating to Schapendoezen and dogs in general, such as grooming equipment, cups, stickers etc. A professional groomer will demonstrate how to groom a Schapendoes and will teach you tips and tricks for easy maintenance. A number of workshops will be organised during the day, which can be attended for free.

Inventarisations during the Young Dogs Day

Schapendoezen born before the above mentioned dates, can opt for inventarisation for breeding, provided they are over 15 months of age. For dogs younger than 24 months, at least 6 months must have passed since a previous inventarisation.
It is requested to transfer € 15,00 to our bank account, if you are a member of the Vereniging. It is possible for male and female Schapendoezen who are not a VNS member to participate in the inventarisation, costs are € 27,50. For inventarisations you will receive an invitation per mail regarding your ringnumber and the timeslot.

Registration and payment

Registration for pups born between 30-11-2018 and 29-11-2019  for the JHD is possible here via our program Matchlog. For inventarisations you can register here, also via Matchlog but with it’s own program (different from the JHD program). Please send your payments for an inventarisation à € 15,00 for members or € 27,50 for non-members to IBAN nummer: NL93INGB0006934913 for the attention of Vereniging ‘de Nederlandse Schapendoes’ with remark JHD 2020. Payments should be done before Augustus 12, 2020 Members from abroad can also pay in cash at the JHD, if preferred. Your dog should be fully protected against diseases. Bring your European Dog Passport please.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FAC or the Events Committee (Paula Nuij): E:  E: E: