Look before you leap is a commonly used phrase when getting a dog, but is should also be applied for breeding dogs. The aim of this page is to provide a short moment of reflection, and to provide information for the inexperienced prospective breeder.

The aim of breeding should be for every breeder: to improve the breed or at least maintain the current quality. According to the VNS, making money or ‘we think it’s fun to have puppies’ are not valid reasons to breed Schapendoezen. The wannabee-breeder should at least seriously consider the following:

-Is my female of sufficient quality (exhibition results, assessments and received advice)?

-Does my female add anything to the population (haven’t already enough litter mates been used in similar combinations? Is the same applicable for the male? Is the male sufficiently unrelated to my female and the population, how much has he been used before? Will the male improve my female’s faults?)

-Does my female have a great character? And the male?

-Is the breeder fully aware of the Association’s Breeding Rules?

-Does the breeder have sufficient knowledge of the breed and does he/she have the experience to guide the dog through mating, pregnancy and delivery?

-Is the breeder sufficiently educated and does he/she have enough time for the upbringing and socialization of Schapendoes pups?

-Does the breeder have sufficient knowledge of the breed to answer all questions from aspiring pup buyers satisfactorily?

-Does the breeder have enough space at home to create a quiet delivery room?

-Is there a possibility to keep the pups for longer than 8 weeks (there is no guarantee that all pups will be sold in 8 weeks time); some new owners may wish to take a holiday before getting a puppy first. It is also common practice that the breeder will take back pups from dissatisfied owners or of the ones forced to return a pup for any reason and will take care of re-homing the pup.

-Is the breeder financially sound enough to cope with setbacks during the pregnancy, birth and/or nest period?

-Is the breeder willing to assist and advice owners of his puppy with everything regarding the dog throughout their life?

Finding the right pair of male and female is not always easy. A few things should be considered by breeder and stud dog owner:

-Do the male and female match in terms of type?

-Do the male and female match in terms of bloodlines?

-Do the characters fit? Do we maintain the correct Schapendoes character with this combination?

Are you still convinced that it is a good idea to start breeding? Please realize again that any breeder can come across setbacks. Stories of breeders can be found on the members pages.

Some short guidelines:

  • The pup fee for breeders, a contribution to the Breeding Affairs Committee, is       € 15,- per pup
  • The guideline for payment to the male dog for mating is 10% of the (total) pup price
  • The list of breeders of the VNS can be found here