Agreements with the Dutch Kennel Club

The VNS has entered into covenants with the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) for the automatic receipt of the results of:

-ECVO research. This research is done by specialists of the ECVO panel and is mandatory for breeding animals.

-HD- and ED-research. These tests are not mandatory for Schapendoezen, but many breeders and dog owners do test their dogs. The examination and assessment of HD and ED pictures is done by a panel of the Dutch Kennel Club.

The Dutch Kennel Club registers all results and these are publicly available through their website. Of course it is also important for ourselves to register the test results in Doesdata. This can be done automatically via the files that the RvB sends us. Breeders who include these results in their breeding choices no longer have to search on the website of the Raad van Beheer, but have all results at a glance. The VNS provides this data to Doesdata.

If in the future more (other) official health tests are entered via the Raad van Beheer, the results will also be provided to us automatically.