Association Certificates

Any puppy bred according to the Breeding Rules of the Association “de Nederlandse Schapendoes” will receive a VNS certificate. This states that:


-are qualified for breeding. The Association believes the dogs will contribute positively to population.
-obtain a valid ECVO check which states they are free of hereditary eye diseases.
-obtain a DNA gene test for PRA stating neither of them is affected with PRA and at least one or both is not a carrier of PRA

The Breeding Affairs Committee (FAC):
Judges the requested combination of father and mother dogs through pedigree analysis. The available data is examined for the potential risk of hereditary diseases in the lines of both parents. With a positive advice both breeder and stud dog owner will receive a written approval statement.

Approval statement: the combination is in accordance with the Association Breeding Rules.

Litter visits by the FAC will take place when the pups are around 7 weeks old. It is of utmost importance to the Association to check the results of the combinations, were the high expectations fulfilled and are there any peculiarities to be reported? The pups and their litter circumstances will be checked at the breeder. Breed type, socialization, care and housing will be taken in to account.