Everyone who is interested in the Nederlandse Schapendoes can have a free account to the pedigree details of over 30.000 individual Schapendoezen, whether you are a member of a participating club or not.

DoesData is an international foundation that manages all details of our breed. Pedigrees of course, pictures, show reports and health data, but also the history since Toepoel. DoesData collects all data that comes to us via official channels. More Schapendoezen are bred outside our country’s borders than within the Netherlands for any serious breeder it is of importance to know what develops where and how. With a free account this information is available to anyone.

Because of the international character the standard language in Doesdata is English. A free account provides access to all pedigrees and all publicly available health records. Many photos, inventories, show reports and other information has been added to the Schapendoezen from the early days like Pluis, Roetje, Noel Scott etc. With a free account you can do test matings and calculate the inbreeding coefficient. Pedigrees of dogs can be opened and you can scroll back in time, you can retrieve lists of relatives (children, grandchildren or all offspring) etc.

There is also the possibility to buy a breeders account. In a free account you can retrieve data but not store information. The breeders account provides the opportunity to make private notes and upload and save attachments (fotos, scans etc.) for any dog in the database. Search functions in the database also work with these personal notes allowing you to easily retrieve which dog you (dis)liked so much or where you noted any other information of. These personal notes are strictly confidential, even the manager of DoesData does not have access to it. If your account is terminated the personal notes will automatically be deleted. Anyone interested who is a member of a participating breed club can purchase such an account.

A website with further information about Doesdata, with short manuals and tips and tricks for easy use:

Until further notice you can contact us per email via