Questionnaire Health and Passing Away

The FAC strives to complete the data of the population and request your cooperation. We aim to complete the database as much as possible. We use your notifications to monitor the health of our breed, for the benefit of breeding, and for the sake of our breed.

We only manage to do this if breeders and owners report issues, so we can signal possible health isssues and possibly adapt our breeding rules.

As you will surely understand: this is very important for our breeding policy. We are dependant of your information. To keep a clear view of notifications, it is extremely important that owners or breeders report possible issues, as otherwise we cannot use the data.

We would like to ask everyone to inform us when your Schapendoes passes away. Even if it has been some time ago. Please report health issues as well. 

Please help us to enable everyone to enjoy a healthy Schapendoes.

Report Health Issue

Report deceased Schapendoes