International Schapendoes Federation

On the 9th of september 2006 the International Schapendoes Federation (ISF) was founded by the Schapendoes Clubs of Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switserland.
Goal of the ISF is to facilitate an optimal cooperation between the Schapendoes Clubs in order to preserve the health, breed type and good character of our Schapendoes all over the world.

The establishment of the ESS served as a basis for initial discussions and for a rather informal exchange. Soon it was realized that a proper structure in its own right would be desirable for a regular exchange. The development of a genetic test to combat PRA jointly by the IGS and the VNS constituted the ultimate proof that cooperative action can be successful. 2006, the ISF was founded and since then we meet on the eve of the VNS club show to exchange information from the individual countries and clubs openly and trustfully.

The ISF shall not become in institution equipped with decision-making powers, which remain reserved to the individual clubs. There would be no legal basis for this nor the necessary requirements. The ISF will not take anything from the clubs, but it shall add an option to their actions: On a platform including the entire breed – as opposed to national or even club-specific sections of information – a broader perspective shall be opened up.

The plenum of the ISF provides the place for exchange – an exchange that can be fruitful only on the basis of trust and equivalent rights of members on an equal footing. Once again I call upon the up to now absent clubs and their chairmen sincerely, to overcome old mostly personal animosities and to join the ISF. In the long run there is no alternative for the breed!

The goal of the ISF is to facilitate optimum cooperation between Schapendoes breed cIubs, to preserve health, breedtype and the correct character of the Schapendoes globally.

Let me appeal to all those responsible in the clubs: Let’s work together. Together we can make and achieve a lot.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Most cordially
Dr. Hans J. Jacobs
(Chairman of the ISF)