If you are interested in a Schapendoes and want to know more, please read all the information on our website. If you wish to receive even more information, you can contact the board, the FAC or our breeders. All can inform you further about the breed, the character, grooming etc. of these great dogs. You can find information on expected litters via the tab ‘Pups’. All breeders mentioned on this website breed according to the Association’s rules regarding Health and Wellbeing. All dogs bred according to the Association’s rules receive an Association Certificate.

Breed description

The Dutch Schapendoes is a lightly-built, lively dog. Although very few Schapendoezen are still working as herding dogs, the breed is still a herding dog breed. This means that Schapendoezen are alert, active guardians that like to bark. The Schapendoes is mobile, agile and very alert to the movement of their owners (their herd).

The cheerful character of the Schapendoes, combined with the hairy appearance and their striking big round dark brown eyes give them the attraction to which many dog lovers succumb. Alert, clever, alive and cheerful, but certainly stubborn as well. The training of the Schapendoes has to be taken seriously and must be consequent. Start playfully but determined. The Schapendoes loves learning and is easy to train but he will fool his owner easily if he gets the chance. The Schapendoes needs a lot of exercise. Running an hour daily will keep him fit and prevents anxiety.

 The coat, which mainly determines the appearance of the Schapendoes, will be up to 10 cm long in some areas of the body. Regular grooming, combing weekly, is required to prevent the hair forming mats. Especially during the time when the puppy coat is shedded and the adult coat is appearing, the coat should be combed regularly. To prevent your Schapendoes not being used to grooming starting early at a young age with regular grooming is recommended. A Schapendoes should basically not be bathed nor have it’s haircut. A healthy coat cleans itself. Only in case of extreme filth the dog can be rinsed off with luke warm water.

In general, the Schapendoes is not a fanatic eater. Regarding food for a Schapendoes each breeder will provide their recommendations.

Good to know

The most important characteristics of the breed:

Alert, clever, alive, cheerful, energetic, good-natured and loyal, but also stubborn and feisty.

The breed is suitable as a family dog, with (young) children, with other dogs, cats or other pets, but obviously they have to be taught how to live together.

Breed is watchful: they are herding dogs, very alert to changes in the surroundings, which they most likely will announce to the owner.

The breed can be used as working dog or in dog sports. The Schapendoes is an energetic shepherd dog which needs mental and physical challenges. The dog likes to work, as long as he can work with his owner any activity is ok for them.

It is relatively easy to obtain a puppy. Litters of associated breeders are announced on this website.Breeders will also announce litters on their websites. You can contact a breeder of choice. On average, breeders do not have long waiting lists.

The Schapendoes is a long coated shepherd, whose hair should not be cut. The coat has a protective and isolating function. The coat should be combed and kept free of tangles. On average a grooming session of an hour once per two, three weeks is sufficient, but more or less frequent is possible as well. The coat does not shed a lot, but many things like sand, little branches or leaves will be brought into the house in the fur. This falls out eventually, inside your house. Unfortunately, more and more often we see people cutting or shaving the coat of a Schapendoes, because it is easier to maintain, or because owners think it is better/healthier for the dog. Obviously we regret and disapprove of this, as the distinctive coat very much determines the unique look of the Schapendoes, besides the fact that the coat does have a function for the dog. On the other hand, the coat should of course not be so excessive that it bothers the dog.

The 5 best characteristics of the breed and 5 additional point to take into consideration:

-sweet, affectionate                                           -watchful

-happy                                                              -grooming

-clever                                                               -stubborn

-loyal                                                               -in general does not prefer to be alone

-likes to work                                                     -needs physical & mental exercise         

A Schapendoes is an active dog that should be walked daily and that can participate in many activities. A correct balance between activity and rest is important. Besides physical stimulation the Schapendoes needs mental exercise as well. The dog is a quick learner but can also be easily bored.

The Schapendoes awes you with the big dark brown eyes and cute appearance. Puppies are heartbreaking teddy bears. Simply going for the sweet looks and expecting to get a quiet, non-demanding companion dog is a miscalculation. The Schapendoes is and remains a shepherd dog, perfectly capable of taking their own decisions and to act, if they think that is best. Prospective owners without knowledge and experience with dogs need to realize that a Schapendoes can have a fierce character under their cuddly coat. A challenge for any owner and certainly for beginners. Patience, a sense of humor and stamina are required for owning a Schapendoes, besides the willingness to groom the dog on a regular basis.

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