Ruud de Mönnink


Ruud de Mönnink

The membership costs are

Entry fee €  6,00
Member € 32,50
Family member € 16,25
1 ½ year (see below) € 48.75
Belgian Membership € 42,00
International membership € 47,00

The online registration form can be found at the bottom of this page. After registration you will receive an invoice with your membership number. You will also receive the latest issue of our VNS magazine. After receipt of the contribution and the entry (registration) fee, the applicant is registered as a prospective member. Prospective members are announced in the next edition of the VNS magazine. Members of the Association can object to the Board regarding a requested membership within 14 days of the publication. If there are no objections, the prospective member becomes a full member.

The membership including the Association magazine is € 32.50 per year. A one-time registration fee of € 6, – is charged.

If you become a member after 30 June and include payment of the membership for the following year, for the 1½ year membership you will be charged € 48.75 plus € 6.00, € 54.75.

Besides the VNS magazine, which is published 4x a year, the VNS also regularly issues a newsletter. We keep you posted on news, the agenda, we refer to new articles on the website and Facebook or we announce the new magazine. The newsletter is sent via email. Members can subscribe to his for free via

Obviously, it is possible to unsubscribe at any time.


International members can pay directly to the bank account of “Vereniging de Nederlandse Schapendoes”. Please mention in your order of payment our IBAN number NL26INGB0001889500, the SWIFT code INGBNL2A, as well as “cost shared” so we all will be free of cost charges. Membership should be paid before the 1st of January.


If you wish to change your address details you can use this form: Change of address

Cancelling membership

If you wish to cancel your membership you can use this form before the 1st of December: cancelling membership

    Registration of a new member

    Please submit your details. Press submit to complete your application.

    Salutation *: Dhr.Mevr.
    Name *:
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    Wishes to register as of the Vereniging "de Nederlandse Schapendoes".


    Privacy Law

    All data as filled in the form above will be processed in the member administration of Vereniging “de Nederlandse Schapendoes”. This data is available to all members of the Vereniging. Data will only be provided to third parties (non-members) if legally required or after permission of the respective member.

    , Yes, I allow the VNS to file my personal details as described above.