Holiday Exchange

For many members the thought of going off and having fun on holiday while leaving their beloved dog in a kennel is difficult. Members who help by taking care of each other’s dogs can leave without feeling guilty. You probably get the idea how this holiday exchange works. Both parties are informed of each other’s wishes, via me. Obviously the holiday period should not overlap and the ‘holiday-sitter’ is expected to have someone available at home to take care of the dogs.

If possible, I will suggest one or more addresses in the area of the applicant. It is preferred to meet before the holiday period, both people and dogs. Therefore, please contact me well in advance so I can collect many holiday home addresses and provide exchange service to all applicants.

Members with two or more Schapendoezen also sometimes need a holiday sitter. Fortunately there are more and more families with multiple dogs, where even some more can be added temporarily.


I would also like to hear from members who can look after a Schapendoes, but do not need exchange service for their own dog. Or from people who (temporarily) do not own a Schapendoes but would love to take care of them for a certain period of time. These types of applications would bring relief to finding holiday homes for Schapendoezen. For offering this service it is not required to be a VNS member. For requesting exchange services, it is required to be a member of the VNS.

Simone Ypkemeule
Adelaarstraat 35, 6971 WJ Brummen
T: +31-6-81655445
Please call after 19.00pm