Sometimes, due to a multitude of reasons, a Schapendoes may not be able to stay with their owner and is looking for a new home. Unfortunately, it does happen that a Schapendoes and is owner are not a good match or perhaps there could be a behavioural problem. Sometimes personal lives change, resulting in having to rehome a dog. And of course sometimes owners  pass away, are facing health issues, breeders have to downsize on dogs if their pack becomes too large. Just a number of reasons why it happens that a Schapendoes can be looking for a new home. We would like to mediate between people looking to rehome their Schapendoes and people who want to offer a new home. We often work in cooperation with the breeder of the Schapendoes.

Waiting list

Those interested can fill in below form. The waiting list for a rehomer is very long (we have more than 80 waiting candidates on the list). It is remarkable that many prefer a younger, preferably well trained, ‘problem free’ Schapendoes. We would like to manage expectations around a rehomer.

You will understand that moving homes and getting new owners is very demanding to the sensitive Schapendoes. Often a time of insecurity and possibly not the most optimal family circumstances lead to rehoming, causing at least some form of trauma to the animal. It easily takes 3 to 6 months for a Schapendoes to completely adjust and feel at home, months that require a lot of effort and energy to be invested in bonding with the new family member.

Many people prefer a dog a little older, because ‘it’s so much easier than a pup’, which is partially true. An older dog has some experience in life, positive and negative: the dog may have learned things that the new owner will not appreciate. You can teach a dog new tricks and also change unwanted behaviour, it’s just that retraining to new behavior may take a lot of energy and time.

Of course a rehomer also has advantages. 9 times out of 10 it is an older dog, which means you can immediately go on longer walks, usually the dog is already house trained, some may know a few basic commands and maybe he or she can stay home alone for a little while already.

Whatever the case, the Schapendoezen always deserve a second chance, they deserve to have an owner who gives them all they need, feel the warmth of a home, a home where he or she really belongs.

Rehomer available.

Suitable applicants will be contacted once there is an available rehomer that meets their demands. But, fortunately, not many Schapendoezen need rehoming. In 2018 we only had to rehome 3. The chance that there will be a suitable Schapendoes for you may be limited (depending on your demands). 

A rehomer is NOT for free in most cases. Guideline for prices:

– Dogs up to 2 years of age half of the pup price maximum.

– Dogs 2 to 4 years of age ¼ of the pup price maximum.

– Dogs of 4 years and older: no charge for a good home.

At the hand-over of the dog a waiver is signed to transfer the ownership and if requested a purchase agreement is also signed. At the moment of transfer a recent health declaration should be submitted. Pedigree and vaccination documents and/or vet passport are provided to the new owner.

The new owner is obliged to change the pedigree to his/her name within a month of receipt of the dog.

Procedure for rehoming a Schapendoes

Inform your breeder. He or she will normally help actively in this situation. If after consultation with your breeder no new home is found, the owner or the breeder should inform the Committee Rehoming.

Members of the VNS pay € 15- per dog for mediation for rehoming. Non-members pay € 40- per dog.

Procedure for those interested in offering a new home to a Schapendoes:

Please fill in the Rehoming Application Form.